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Picture of the author

We're happy to announce the beta release of our TD Ameritrade integration for read and write functions. The connection is finally stable, and we're adding final touches and enhancements to ensure a seamless experience.

Additional context

This integration will enable users to seamlessly manage their accounts within Fey, providing a more holistic view of their financial portfolio. We are utilizing TD Ameritrade's official APIs to ensure a secure and seamless connection. Additionally, we are constantly striving for accuracy and reliability in all of our calculations, which is why we are currently finalizing some edge cases around historical positions and the math for 1D returns. Our engineers are working closely with our customers to resolve any potential edge cases.

We owe a huge thank you to our earliest testers and customers who have helped us refine the user experience and get to where we are today. Their feedback has been invaluable in ensuring that Fey continues to meet the evolving needs of all our customers.