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Picture of the author

We've redesigned our Position Overview page to enhance customer experience and provide better market insight.

So, what's new?

We're particularly excited about this redesign, which aims to enhance our customers' understanding of their investments and promote a greater market consciousness, including:

1. Comprehensive overview with natural language: We've introduced a more user-friendly interface, explaining the details of your holdings in plain language, making it easier to understand and manage your investments.

2. Daily movers: Stay informed about the market's pulse with our new feature, 'Daily Movers'. This will show you the highest movers in your portfolio and the market, ensuring that you're always updated about the most significant shifts.

3. Global position activity: Get a complete picture of your investment activity. Our global overview now includes all your transactions, stock splits, dividends, and even share transfers from other brokers. This feature helps you keep track of every aspect of your investment journey.

Disclaimer: The transactions and stocks shown in this interface are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Your financial decisions should be based on your personal analysis or consultation with a financial advisor.